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Stevie Crooks - Diamonds And Guns (DL & Review)

Downlaod @ NOW!

"Mask On MuthaFuckah!" Thats me yelling in the mirror in between songs on Diamonds and Guns. Before I go any further, THE TAPE IS DOPE AS HELL! Now, for the more civilized statements: Listening to Stevie Crooks almost provoked me to stick up a 7-11 for my rent money. Okay so that wasnt so civilized, but I think thats the point. In the midst of all of this happy go lucky music, that you dance to, and sing along to with your friends in the car on the way to club, Stevie emerges with the theme music to a drive by. I think if Mike Tyson heard this tape, he could make a comeback. Dont get me wrong, this is not at all Shoot 'em up bang bang music, its more "This world is mine!" Its Power, its dark, its nineties, its the tales of a struggle. Its heartfelt. This tape is unbreakable, but in the same breath, inspiring. While listening to it, I was able to feel his hunger and his passion.

"Someone buy me that wayne cd so I can take a dump on it later" - maybe a line from my favorite song "Gnarly" will help you understand the point Im trying to get across. You remember that feeling you got when you first heard Jay-Z's dead presidents? That Mood? well thats what I felt throughout this entire tape. Stevie definitely gets the nod from me...

"Im tired of rappers with good promotion and NO skill, welcome to hell, we'll see if youre dope still"

My favorite tracks - Gnarly, Seeds Of Change, Diamonds and Guns, No More
& Avatar The last EarBender

but who cares what I think??

Just Do It

Human Chain from NikeSportswear on Vimeo.

I swear Nike has the greatest commercials!

Karina Katarzyna


Harvest by Haroshi

Oh No

shouts to Rica

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"Sunshine" The Video - Enjoy!

ETL is up next!!

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Never Trust A Big But & A Smile


There is only ONE happiness in life....

You didnt think I was going to tell you what it was...
did you?

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No Place Like Home

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On The Other Side

For every pair of 141 Eyewear purchased, the company donates a new pair of prescription glasses to a person in need. No portions of proceeds. No percentages. One Four One.

Join The Cause Here

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New Vs Old ... Same Big Mac

Dont stress...

Break Dancing - Cloud vs Neguin

this is the coolest thing Ive seen in a while!

Out To Lunch passed 5000 dls Today!

woooohoooo... lets celebrate with Peace!

Download: Lite - Peace

Wristcutters: A Love Story

sooo I was in a conversation yesterday (forgot what it was about) ... and this movie popped in my head. I couldnt remember the name for the life of me, and not enough details were coming to mind to describe it to someone. Now, we all know what its like to try to remember something, you know... when its right on the tip of your tongue! well that was me. It didnt dawn on me until about 1:45 am... and then everything came back, and I remembered how I fell in love with this movie. So I found it on the web (thank God for the internet) and watched it. AMAZING MOVIE! If you get the chance watch it! shannyn sossamon is the BEST!

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You have to be cool to pull this off...

My cousin gave himself this crazy haircut last week... and has been rocking the shit out of it! lol... I have to give it to him... i dont think I have the balls to rock this for more than 24 hrs... Go Mike!

Lite, Cin, AntDeez - ? (new song, shhhhh)

Download: Lite, Cincere, AntDeezy - ?

Catch me on monday with a weekend warrior.....

word to the WW Ladies


Jordan RE- Retro - COOL Grey

Im so glad these are coming back! I Pulled mine out...and the soles are YELLOW!! WOOOMP! Look for them this holiday... a ways away... but worth it.

Suffoca - Wobble in Ham

Jelly Decks from Boyce on Vimeo.

Stevie Crooks Interview

How2beFamous: Stevie Crooks "Diamonds & Guns" Listening Party from Curtiss King on Vimeo.

So I spent my Saturday running through ALL the streets in LA, and I made my last stop out in Upland for Stevie Crooks listening party. Skeme, Lavish, & Noa James all graced the mic before stevie, and did it justice. When stevie finally picked up the cordless, his energy consumed the room. "All my live niggas say WOO WOO WOO WOOO!" The whole placed erupted, sounding like a pack of wild dogs on the loose. (yes i joined in) He performed some of the music from his first mixtape, as well as the song that got me familiar with him... "Steps of Love." He then proceeded to play some of the tracks from the forthcoming project, and I must say... I WAS IMPRESSED!! I cant wait for the project, Im sure it will be nothing short of amazing.


Winona Ryder

Its Monday


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