Friday, April 9, 2010

man your a fucking inspiration dude. keep being you bro!
thats all i can be... i appreciate you letting me know that...

when tha next mixtape going to be uploaded
ummmmmmmmmmm .... SOON... lol.. i actually have no plan.. can you help with that?? o_0

where do you get the dope as pictures you post on
if I told you... your blog would be like mine!! haha... na but..check out the sites on the left side of my blog... and you'll see a lot of dope stuff...

Is music just in you or it run in the fam? If so, who does the music thing also?
Its in the fam! I have a mom and nana, and they sing about everything they do, a sister who can write an amazing love song, i have 2 cousins that are killer on the piano and on the beats, an uncle who makes Jazz that should be on 94.7, an aunt that can sing her behind off 2 grandfathers that can play the piano and guitar, another cousin who is a successful genre bending artist, (blues rock alternative) an uncle that once produced and dj'd...

so yea.. its kinda in my blood. lol

Oh snaps moose juice cutta loose gotta formspring? lol He "Rulin the world" wit this lol
you already know Kay! lol

Would you accept beats from yo family, even it wasnt all that? or would you be honest and be like im not feeling it? lol
id be 100% honest... it doesnt do either of us any good to try and spare feelings... aaand i sit on beats along time before i do anything with has to marinate, so i never know if im not feeling something.... until i look up 10 years later and realize i never touched it..

Does your real family support or even contribute to such bomb music?
OF COURSE!... they're probably my biggest supporters... and i think they do it because they actually enjoy the music, not just because im a son, brother, cousin or nephew... (thanks for the bomb music comment)

you shud DEFINITELY get a tumblr.
Im working on it... i feel limited with tumblr though.. maybe i just dont know what im doing. lol

Do you know Paress Salinas ? you look familiar.
uuhhh... im horrible with names... maybe... =/

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