Saturday, April 3, 2010

FormSpring (updated 4/3)

advantures of charlie tuna video please and you need more youtube videos ur a intresting guy show more of yourself like a day in the life of coolroy or sumthing.

lol... il see whats up with that... i broke my camera, otherwise id be all on youtube. lol. but im working on the golden video now so check for that. and i also have a few smaller video projects that should come out pretty cool... so just keep an eye out.

i think ppl r so in love with u because you're very down to earth and real and have something relatable.real to say in ur music which is RARE plz stay the same n dnt change n keep makin that fire.

i feel like this is a relationship, the artist and the listener. Im not going to lie to you, or bs you. we should feel eachother, connect for 3+ minutes the song is playing.

as far as changing...

"no matter where you go, you are you are player, you can try to change, but thats just the top layer, man you was who you was before you got here"

i plan on being me until I die. but i got you!

when are you getting signed? what's your favorite song by J.Cole? what song inspired your music path?

I dont know.... Im not even sure if thats goal, (to get signed). I have this thing about doing things my way when it comes to creating. In my own time, etc... So i may just roll indie...

Favorite J.cole song... Dreams...i feel like its based on me. lol

the song that inspired my musical path?? It wasnt a song, it was a person. "h-money" got me rapping way back when... and from there i was just inspired by the things i saw and felt. as far as the type of music i make... i just make what i want to hear at the time... blues, rock, pop, rap, crunk, electronica, drum n base, trance... it all inspires me.

bruh im from tha south and i love trap music but u take me back to when i was younger wit mos def and tha whole rawkus crew ur goin make it i like to rap to but i dont kno how to get started i dnt kno tha rite ppl got any advice? by RMELL09

thanks man... mos is one of my favorite artists... as far as getting started. Just do it, the right people come along eventually. But the best advice i can give, is to just make music... fall in love with the craft...after that... everything will fall in to place where it should be.

i said cool turned up music tried to get my head rite and then i saw my x kiss at the red light dope shit man

TRUE STORY! lol appreciate it.

do u like j.cole and asher roth

YES! alot of people i talk to dont really feel asher... hes dope in my book.

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